Viva Las Vegas, Day 1

Hello, faithful readers!!

We’re going to switch gears and move into the travel element of this blog.

As you’ve gathered from the title, this time my travels have taken me to Las Vegas.  And, as we all know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. . .except for what goes on my blog.  Lol!

I made my way to Vegas via Frontier Airlines and I must say if you’re thinking of using this airline. . .don’t.  Nothing personal against it.  It was a comfortable flight and my record of flights arriving early now stretches to 12.  My issue with this airline is that it charges for everything.  I had packed my backpack and when I checked it online, I found that Frontier would charge me $25 to carry on my backpack, but only $20 if I checked luggage.  Into the suitcase went my stuff.

They also don’t have complimentary snacks and drinks on their flight unless you bought the ticket directly through Frontier.  Everybody else has to pay.

But as I said, the flight was comfortable.  Upon arriving, I was met by my good friend, Mat O’Donnell, and off we went to our hotel:  The Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino. 

This is usually our hotel of choice.  It is a little long in the tooth, but maintains a certain charm and they are recently in the midst of remodeling their rooms.  We upgraded to a new Sambia Suite for an extra $20 a night and it is a very comfortable and festive room.  I’ll try to get pictures in my next update.

We met our travel companions, John Velasquez and Bob Schulte, and we all greeted each other in our time honored tradition of heckling each other.  After playing catch-up, John (who is a Diamond Club and Seven Stars companion member) took us up to the Diamond Lounge where we enjoyed some drinks, food, and conversation.

From there, Mat and I made our way to Planet Hollywood where we had dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s BURGR restaurant.  Now if you’re looking for a bite to eat in Vegas, GO HERE!!!!  It is a Ramsay restaurant, so you can expect to pay at least $30 for your meal, but it is well worth it.

Mat and I split an order of hand cut Just Fries which were hot and fresh and came with a curry ketchup and a chipotle ketchup.  Give the curry ketchup a try.

For the main course, I enjoyed the Hell’s Kitchen burger (a burger with roasted jalapenos, toasted tomato, avocado and aisi cheese).  Mat savored the Farm Burger (duck breast bacon, sharp English cheddar, and a fried egg).  This was the best burger I have ever eaten.  The presentation was absolutely sensational and it was hot, cooked to perfection, and deliciously juicy.

From there, Mat and I returned to the hotel where we rested up for today’s shenanigans.

Until the next time.

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