The Arizona Chronicles, Day 2: Puttering Around

After a night’s sleep on Arizona Mat’s best accommodations (an inflatable bed), I was awoken by a most hideous sound erupting from the kitchen.

“What sort of beasts could be making such an awful noise?” I wondered.

As I carefully made my way into the kitchen, I saw Arizona Mat and Tall Square fighting over some Eggo Waffles like two stray dogs battling it out over a raw piece of steak.

Back and forth the tug of war raged until the waffle tore in two.  Arizona Mat fell flat on his back while Tall Square did a victory jig and scarfed the waffle. 
I chuckled softly to myself while I grabbed the fresh waffle that just popped from the toaster (very delicious, btw) and prepared a bowl of oatmeal for myself. 

After breakfast, Arizona Mat gave me the nickel tour of his home.  It’s actually a quaint home.  A few pictures of the place are seen below.

As I was washing my dishes, Arizona Mat again ambushed me with the Nerf gun, but I nimbly dodged the rubber projectiles until he caught me smack in the chest with his final shot.

“Getting better,” said Arizona Mat.

Arizona Mat, Tall Square, and myself then took a walk around the neighborhood on this surprisingly cool day as it was only in the upper thirties.  It was a quiet neighborhood which held some interesting homes and cacti.

Arizona Mat said he didn’t have much planned for the day, so I spent the day organizing some notes and catching up on some reading.  We took a lunch break around noon when the three of us went to the Chino Bandido, a Chinese-Mexican fusion restaurant.  All three of us opted for the sides of black beans and Jamaican fried rice.  For the main course, I chose a teriyaki chicken quesadilla and a jerk chicken burrito.  Very tasty and the restaurant is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in the Phoenix area.

The big “event” was an exercise in quick thinking and strategy.  It was a DVD board game called Atmosfear.  This game had been published in the 1980s as a series of games called Nightmare and was rebooted in the mid-90s as Atmosfear.  The thrust of the game is that you play various horror characters (a zombie, a ghost, a vampire, etc.) and move around the board attempting to collect a key from each of the realms.  Once you collect all of the keys, you make your way to the center of the board and attempt to have your “fear” (usually something comedic that you’ve made up) pulled from the Well of Fear in order to win the game.

Not only are you thwarted by your opponents, you are also at the mercy of the video host, the Gatekeeper, who randomly appears to throw obstacles in your path and occasionally reward you.  You are also racing the clock as you have about 50 minutes to win the game or the Gatekeeper is declared the victor.

On our first go-around, the Gatekeeper toppled the three of us.  The second time around, Tall Square managed to eke out a win, much to the dismay of Arizona Mat.  At that point, Arizona Mat announced that the exploration would begin tomorrow.  In a few moments, I will begin packing a bag for a trip to Palm Desert, CA.

I wonder what adventures lie ahead. . .