The Arizona Chronicles, Vol. 2, Day 7: Epilogue

After saving Arizona Mat’s bacon, the summertime cold I had picked up returned with a fury.  Burning throat, stuffy head, weak as a kitten.  I ended up Skypeing my meeting with the SyFy Network executive which went well.  Currently we’re ironing out the details about “Giraffealanche”.

Arizona Mat was kind enough to take me to Sky Harbor Airport so I could catch my flight back home.  After a meal at Chelsea’s Kitchen, we bade each other good-bye.  As I approached the security checkpoint, I suddenly heard a thunderous, “YOU!!!!”

I turned to look at the origination of the shout and saw Tall Square exiting the gate area and he had spotted Arizona Mat.

“Oh, crap!!” said Arizona Mat as he bolted down the hallway with Tall Square in hot pursuit.

I smiled and shook my head.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  I could only wonder what would happen when next I ran into Arizona Mat and Tall Square.  Surprisingly, I looked forward to it.