Auditions for Man of La Mancha at Omaha Community Playhouse

Audition Dates: Monday, June 22 at 7 p.m. and Tuesday, June 23 at 7 p.m.

Location:  Omaha Community Playhouse (6915 Cass St, Omaha, NE)

Production Dates: September 18 – October 18, 2015
Performs in: Hawks Mainstage Theatre
Director: Hilary Adams
Synopsis: Winner of five Tony Awards, Man of La Mancha is a tale of hope and inspiration. When Miguel Cervantes is imprisoned during the Spanish Inquisition, he is able to keep only one possession: a manuscript of a play he has written. As Cervantes sets the stage with his words in a bleak prison cell, he transports the inmates to another world—the world of Don Quixote. The inmates become characters in his story as he sings about “The Impossible Dream” in this theatrical celebration of the power of imagination.

Character Descriptions:
Notes: Some of the doubling & assignments of roles may change, depending on vocal range and score / script needs. ALL PARTS REQUIRE SINGING unless noted below. Quite a lot of physicality and violence for most of the company.

Miguel de Cervantes / Alonso Quijana & Don Quixote : Male, 40s
Poet, actor, playwright, and would-be knight. He is a romantic, and has a vision of a far better and nobler world, where knights and chivalry rule the day. Often portrayed as a tall, thin man in his late forties, but this description has flexibility. Baritone.

Sancho Panza / The Manservant: Male, 40-50s +
Older than Don Quixote, he has served Quixote/Cervantes for many years and is devoted to him, even with all his idiosyncrasies. Usually portrayed as shorter than Cervantes, and quite stout – this trait is flexible. Tenor.

Captain of the Inquisition: Male
Strong, dedicated to his work and the cause. Any vocal range.

Guard 1 & 2: Male
Soldiers of the Inquisition (Non-speaking but may sing; we will consider non-singing for the guards.) If singing, any vocal range.

Prisoner called The Governor / The Innkeeper: Male 30s +
As the Governor is the leader of the inmate society in the prison, but is a kindly Innkeeper. Gives the impression of largeness and power. Bass.

Prisoner called The Duke / Dr. Carrasco / Dr. Carrasco playing the Knight of Mirrors: Male, 30s +
As the character of the Duke he is the sidekick to the Governor; however, when he plays Dr. Carrasco, he is Antonia’s fiancé. He thinks Don Quixote is mad and insists that he come home and be treated for his malady. The Knight of Mirrors is a role Dr. Carrasco puts on to trick Quixote into realizing that he is not a knight but rather a squire. Baritone.

Prisoner/ Aldonza: Female, Late 20s +
As a prisoner, she often keeps herself separate from the others. In role as Aldonza, she is a serving woman at the inn, and a part-time prostitute, Aldonza is rough on the exterior, but has a gentle heart inside and yearns to believe what Don Quixote tells her. Quixote falls in loves with her and insists her name is Dulcinea and that she is a beautiful, gentle woman. Also, the character of Aldonza is brutally attacked by the muleteers. Soprano with belt.

Prisoner / Maria, Female, 30s +
Innkeepers wife, supportive of the Innkeeper and of their establishment.
Any vocal range.

Prisoner/ Fermina, Female, 20s +
Serving girl at the inn. Mezzo.

Prisoner/ The Padre, Male, 30s +
Administers to Quioxte’s wishes on his deathbed, and handles his relations and housekeeper when they visit his church for guidance. Well-meaning.

Prisoner/ Antonia, Female, 20s +
Quixote’s niece and Dr. Carrasco’s fiancée. Soprano.

Prisoner/ The Housekeeper, Female
She is housekeeper to Quixote; pretty sure he’s lost his mind and wants him to come home and be well. Mezzo.

Prisoner/ The Barber, Male
Comic role, thinks Quixote is mad but willing to play along. Tenor.

Prisoner/ Horse 1 & 2 One Male, one Female
Dancing / movement roles when playing horses. One male, one female.
Any vocal range.

Prisoner/ Dancer, Female, 20s +
Strong dancer. Dance includes a gypsy-inspired belly-dance. Mezzo.

Prisoner/ Muleteers: muleteer – a driver of mules; think rough band of rovers on the road.
Note: Except for Pedro and Anselmo, the vocal parts are interchangeable & we will assign based on actor.

The following are all male roles:
Prisoner / Tenorio, a muleteer.
Prisoner / Juan, a muleteer – smallest muleteer.
Prisoner / Paco, a muleteer
Prisoner / Anselmo, a muleteer. Tenor.
Prisoner / Pedro, the head muleteer; leads the attack against Aldonza. Baritone.
Prisoner / Jose, a muleteer
Prisoner/ Onstage Guitarist, a muleteer; need to have own guitar. Will play during rehearsals and performance; Spanish influenced incidental music primarily at the beginning of the show, and accompaniment for LITTLE BIRD.