Porchyard Reading Auditions

Auditions at the Blue Barn Theatre

“Out of the Blue” Special Series Announces Auditions for Porchyard Readings.

Well by Lisa Kron

Straight White Men by Young Jean Lee

Audition Dates:  July 6 and 7 from 6-8pm


Both plays are the first to be produced as part of the Porch Yard Reading Series – a segment of BLUEBARN’s “Out of the Blue” Special Event Series.

The Porch Yard Reading series offers staged readings of contemporary plays that entice audiences to embrace risk and celebrate discovery. 

New works. New voices. New adventures.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. 

Both plays will be directed by Amy Lane.

About Well by Lisa Kron

Performance of Well is Monday, September 28.

Needed for Well:  4 female (Ages 30-60) and

2 male actors (Ages 20-50) of various ethnicities.

What begins as a formal “multi-character exploration of issues of health and illness” soon collapses on our narrator, Lisa. Her mother, Ann, is suffering from a mysterious illness; the actors she’s employed to help enact her carefully constructed narrative begin to revolt; Lisa is beginning to lose her grip on the evening. Well is a surprising and funny play that ultimately contemplates the nature of empathy and our ability to heal, not only ourselves, but our families, our neighborhoods, each other.

About Straight White Men by Young Jean Lee 

Performance of Straight White Men is Monday, December 7.

Needed for Straight White Men: 4 male actors (Ages 30-70)

Christmastime for Ed and his three grown sons is a celebration of all-American maleness: boyish pranks, brotherly teasing, and takeout Chinese dominate the festivities. But when the brothers are faced with problems that challenge their ideas of identity, they are left reeling in doubt about the value of being a straight white man. This is a candid and hilarious look at privilege in our times.

For more information contact Randall T. Stevens at rstevens@bluebarn.org

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