A Season of Exploration, Part III: Still, Still, Still Looking At My Porchyard

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a story to share.  A big reason for that is how little auditioning I’ve done this year.  This has been due to a combination of this being such a musical heavy season and because I have a major project beginning in February that will keep me from even thinking about acting until next season.

With that being said, I just finished my last audition for the year.  Several years back, Amy Lane, then the Resident Director of the Omaha Community Playhouse, created the 21 and Over series for the Playhouse.  This was a series of one night only reader’s theatre productions that dealt with more mature subject matter.  The series was quite a hit and has remained a mainstay at the Playhouse, though now it is called the Alternative Programming series and covers all types of subject matter.

This past year, Amy brought the 21 and over series over to the Blue Barn where it is now known as the Porchyard Readings and is part of the Blue Barn’s “Out of the Blue” series.  I auditioned for these shows primarily to keep my chops up as circumstances placed the odds against me for both sets of auditions.

There are a total of 4 readings and each set of auditions covered two of them.  For both sets of auditions, I could only be considered for one show due to conflicts so my opportunities were halved from the start.  This limited my possibility of roles to possibly two for the first set of readings and only one for the second set of readings.  Very slim odds, indeed.

Normally at this point in the story, I’d go into an analysis of the shows and what I tried to bring to the role, but that actually isn’t important for this tale.

I’ll go ahead and answer the burning questions first.  Did I get cast?  No.  Did I enjoy myself?  Yes.

And it’s that second question that is the more important of the two.  I’ve long talked about the change that Leaving Iowa wrought within me and I think I noticed that change more with this pair of auditions than I have with any other since that show.  My auditions have become much more relaxed and at ease since the Miracle Show.  I enjoy auditioning again.  My acting between the lines and my animation has become much, much stronger and that ease and confidence has, I hope, been read by directors and enhanced my chances.  With this pair of auditions, I actually shrugged off the defeats instead of their feeling like punches to the gut.  Outside of a brief, “darn it”, they just didn’t weigh much upon me and that is a very wonderful feeling to have.

The only downside, as it were, is that, with the auditions I just finished, I might have had a better shot at the show I could not perform in.  I’m not saying I would have been cast.  It’s just that I feel I might have had a really good shot.

But let me share the exciting project with you.  As I stated in the first part of this series, I was looking into the possibility of shadowing a director to see if that is a branch of theatre I may want to try in the future.  I’m proud to say that has come to fruition.  I will be shadowing Lara Marsh when she guest directs Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods at the Omaha Playhouse later this season.  Auditions will be February 22 and 23 at 7pm at the Playhouse located at 6915 Cass St in Omaha, NE.  You can find character information here.

And stayed tuned as I document this new journey.