OCP Auditions for “Calendar Girls”

Production Dates: April 15-May 8, 2016
Performs in: Hawks Mainstage Theatre (Omaha Community Playhouse, 6915 Cass St, Omaha, NE)
Director: Susie Baer Collins
Synopsis: Sisterhood and side-splitting laughs are at the heart of this bare-all play. After Anne’s loving husband dies of leukemia, she vows to keep his memory alive through a hospital memorial. She and her friends “of a certain age” drop their trousers and discover their courage as they pose for a nude, but tasteful, calendar to raise funds for the memorial. As the women experience newfound stardom from their increasingly popular calendar, their bonds of friendship are tested. Based on a true story turned film, this humorous and heartwarming story will provide a night of entertainment, belly laughs and tears.

Audition Dates: Monday, February 15 at 7:00 PM and Tuesday, February 16 at 7:00 PM

Character Descriptions:  TBA

CHRIS Female, 50s

ANNIE Female, 50s

CORA Female, early 40s

JESSIE Female, late 60s/70s

CELIA Female, 35-50

RUTH Female, 40s

MARIE Female, 50s

JOHN Male, 50s. Annie’s husband.

ROD Male, 50s. Chris’s husband.

LAWRENCE Male, late 20s.
*Note: this actor will double as Liam

*Note: this actor will double as Brenda Hulse

ELAINE Female 20s

Information about the Nudity in the Production
• There will be the suggestion of nudity in the production; however, private parts will ALWAYS be covered.

• OCP will create a “safe zone: within the wings of the stage during the final scene in Act I (nude photo session for the W.I. calendar).

• People backstage during the final scene in Act I to include: female stage manager, actresses in scene, female dressers.

• The male actor playing the photographer in the scene will only see what the audience sees.

• Idea of what actresses will wear in the “nude photoshoot” scene:
o Adhesive bra cups without straps (these provide some support and cover the nipple)
o An undergarment on lower half of body that will be determined by what should and shouldn’t be seen in each character’s photo pose, as well as the comfort zone of the actress.

• The Omaha Community Playhouse will always make it a top priority for each actor to feel completely comfortable and safe throughout the rehearsal and performances of this production.

What to Bring:
• You will be asked to fill out an audition form, please have all necessary contact information and personal schedules handy in order to complete the form.

• A recent photo if you have one available. Please note, photos will not be returned.

• Those auditioning for a play will be asked to read sections from the script.