OCP Auditions for “Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods”

Production Dates: May 6-June 5, 2016
Performs in: Howard Drew Theatre (Omaha Community Playhouse, 6915 Cass St, Omaha, NE)
Director:  Lara Marsh
Synopsis: Gabriel, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, has started a new life in America. While working in Whole Foods, he meets Christine, a middle-aged, single mother. Christine is drawn to the positivity that Gabriel radiates and his unbreakable spirit. On her eye-opening quest to help Gabriel, Christine finds a broken system and many unanswered questions. Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods is an impactful and heartbreaking play that spotlights social responsibility and compassion for humanity.

Audition Dates: Monday, February 22, 2016 at 7:00 PM and Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Character Descriptions:
GABRIEL: Male, early to mid 20’s
Sudanese refugee, member of the Dinka of Southern Sudan, one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan,” he attends community college part-time and works full-time at Whole Foods. Need to audition with a Sudanese, or African dialect.

CHRISTINE: Female, mid to late 40’s
Recently divorced, at a turning point.

ALEX: Female, age 16
Christine’s daughter, a sophomore at Pittsburgh Catholic School for Girls.

PANTHER: Male, age 30
Gabriel’s roommate, also a Sudanese refugee. Works various minimum wage jobs although he seems to carry around a lot of cash, and a cell phone that rings continuously. Need to audition with a Sudanese, or African dialect.

MICHAEL DOLAN: Dolan; mid to late 30’s
Stay at home dad, Catholic activist. Works for different local causes. He used to work for Catholic Charities, now looking for a new job.

SEGEL MOHAMMED: Female, late 30’s
Director and Founder of the Pittsburgh Center for Refugee Relief, Somali born, Arab raised, single mother. Need to audition with a Somali, or African dialect.

What to Bring:
• You will be asked to fill out an audition form, please have all necessary contact information and personal schedules handy in order to complete the form.

• A recent photo if you have one available. Please note, photos will not be returned.

• Those auditioning for a play will be asked to read sections from the script.