Auditions for PLVCT’s ‘Guys and Dolls’

PLVCT’s production of Guys and Dolls will be performed July 14-16 and 20-22, 2017 at the SumTur Amphitheater in Papillion.

Auditions will be held at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (7706 S. 96th St., La Vista) on Saturday, May 6th at 1:30 pm and Sunday, May 7th at 6:30 pm.  Those auditioning need only attend one session.

Auditioners should come prepared with 32 bars of music to sing.  An accompanist will be provided.  Please, no a cappella or recorded music.  Comfortable clothes and shoes are suggested for the dance audition.  Some auditioning may be asked for cold readings from the script or to sing from the score of Guys and Dolls.

Guys and Dolls offers perhaps three non-singing roles for men (Harry the Horse, Lt. Brannigan and Big Julie) and one for a woman (General Cartwright).

Rehearsals will begin after Memorial Day on May 30th.  Our regular rehearsals will be Sunday afternoons and Monday-Thursday evenings.  We plan to take a few days off around the Fourth of July.  The production moves into Sumtur on July 9th and opens July 13th with a preview/TAG night.  We ask everyone auditioning to please bring a list of any possible rehearsal conflicts to the auditions.  Not everyone will be needed at every rehearsal, but knowing conflicts aids in building an efficient rehearsal schedule.

Director: Jim McKain

Music Director: Peter Klemp

Choreographer: Michelle Garrity


Character Descriptions

Sky Masterson – Baritone, Lead

  • Handsome gambler
  • A charming, but self-assured gambler. Able to adapt to any situation but ready to reel off pre-prepared anecdotes regarding his view of the world. Despite his failings, Sky is immensely likeable and oozes style and charm.  Sings I’ll Know, My Time of Day, Luck Be A Lady, etc.

Nathan Detroit – Baritone, Lead

  • Feckless, adorable gambler
  • A facilitator of illegal gambling, Nathan maintains a distance by acting only as a broker; seldom a gambler. A consummate businessman with divided loyalties; he pacifies his fiancée Adelaide with vague promises of a marriage ‘some time’ in the future. Strong comedic chops required. Sings Oldest Established and Sue Me.

Nicely Nicely Johnson – Tenor, Supporting

  • Gambler
  • An eccentric gambler and one of Nathan’s closest associates. He sings some of the most well-known numbers of the show in Fugue for Tinhorns, Guys and Dolls and Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat.

Benny Southstreet – Baritone, Supporting

  • Also one of Nathan’s closest associates. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.  He sings Fugue for Tinhorns and Guys and Dolls.

Arvide Abernathy – Baritone, Supporting

  • Sarah’s grandfather
  • A member of the Save-a-Soul mission. A reasoned old man with a warm heart that harbors only the kindest intentions. He sings More I Cannot Wish You.

Rusty Charlie – Baritone, Cameo. Possible 3rd voice in Fugue for Tinhorns


Big Julie – Supporting

  • Gambler
  • An intimidating hustler from Chicago. A sore loser.  Stage presence and acting ability are the main requirements for this gem of a comedic speaking role.

Harry the Horse – Supporting

  • The quintessential “tough guy.”

Lt. Brannigan – Cameo

  • A policeman engaged in what he perceives to be a battle of wits with Nathan to stop the craps game. Again a primarily acting role. Comic timing and acting ability are essential.  Irish dialect possible.

Joey Biltmore – Cameo

Owner of the Biltmore Garage.

Male Ensemble includes Gamblers, Havana Dancers and Mission Band.  Male Ensemble gets to sing three of the great “guy songs” in musical theatre: Oldest Established, Lucky Be a Lady and Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat.

Sarah Brown – Soprano, Lead

  • Prim Salvation Army officer
  • An idealistic, but sheltered missionary. Kind-hearted but like Sky, too categorical in her view of the world. A Soprano role that requires the ability to handle the acting range of Stern, Romantic, Comedic and Drunk.  Sings I’ll Know, I’ve Never Been in Love Before, Marry the Man Today, etc.

Adelaide – Mezzo, Lead

  • Comic, classic showgirl and Gambler’s moll
  • A club singer and Nathan’s long-suffering fiancée. Half of the comedy team that is Adelaide and Nathan. One of the great comedic roles in the canon.  Sings Bushel and A Peck, Adelaide’s Lament, Take Back Your Mink, Sue Me and Marry the Man Today.

General Matilda B. Cartwright – Cameo

Salvation Army Matron

Regional direction of the Save-a-Soul mission.  Authoritative through necessity but motivated by charity.  Some comic moments.

Agatha – Mezzo, Cameo

Member of the Mission Band

Martha – Cameo

Member of the Mission Band

Female Ensemble includes The Hot Box Girls, Havana Dancers, Mission Band, etc.  Songs include Bushel and A Peck, Take Back Your Mink and Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat.

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