The Arizona Chronicles, Day 7: Farewells

And so another adventure has reached its end.  I am currently flying towards home and reminiscing about the events of the past few days.  Despite the peculiarities of my two companions, I must admit that I had a most enjoyable time. 

There wasn’t very much to the day.  I arose early and packed up my gear.  My two cohorts were already up and about as I entered the living room with my stuff.  Tall Square was a bit on the quiet side.  It turns out he was feeling a little under the weather and maybe something more.  Despite all the squabbling he did with Arizona Mat, I couldn’t shake the sensation that a bond of mutual respect and, dare I say, friendship had grown between them during their trials and tribulations.  Was it possible Tall Square was even a little sad about leaving?


Arizona Mat announced he was taking us to Denny’s for a farewell meal.  So Tall Square and I loaded up Arizona Mat’s trunk and we hit the road.  At the restaurant, Arizona Mat partook of the most interesting combination of nachos and salad.  Tall Square ordered a Chicken Fried Steak slam and I had a Super Bird.  I knew that Tall Square was unwell as he was unable to finish his meal, so, after brunch, we made a quick stop at a Walgreen’s to pick up some Dayquil for our faltering comrade.

Once at the airport, Arizona Mat decided to get a final drink at a Starbucks.  I wanted to get to the gate as my flight was scheduled to begin boarding in about 45 minutes, but he said there would be plenty of time and that it wouldn’t take long to get through security.  So I reluctantly acquiesced to the request.  Thirty minutes later, the security line had grown quite a bit, but I bit my tongue.  I shook Arizona Mat’s hand and he said he looked forward to reading my articles as they would undoubtedly propel him to a higher level of fame and fortune.  Sure.  OK.

Tall Square and Arizona Mat took a long look at each other.  Finally Arizona Mat held out his hand and Tall Square slowly extended his for a shake.  The shake lasted for a long time.  In fact, it seemed like neither wanted to let the other go.  I looked at the faces of the two men and saw beads of sweat forming on their foreheads.  I glanced back at their hands and saw them shaking under the pressure the two of them were exerting on the other.  How fitting.  They couldn’t even say good-bye without turning it into a disagreement.  I chuckled softly to myself and went through security.

Farewell, Arizona.  As I fly through the air, I cannot help but feel that destiny will bring me to your scenic landscapes once more.  And, somehow, I am certain that my destiny includes crossing paths with Arizona Mat and Tall Square once again.  And that sends a decided chill down my spine.