Doug Needs You

Local Omaha playwright (and a friend of mine), Doug Marr, needs a helping hand.

Over the past year, Doug has had some health issues which have resulted in 5 surgeries and a sinful amount of out of pocket expenses.  His daughter, Emma, has set up a YouCaring drive to collect money for these expenses.  If you can give Doug a helping hand, please click on the below link to make a donation.

I thank you for your time and generosity.


Give Doug a Lift!

Doug Marr is the founder of the Circle Theatre as well as a renowned local playwright in Omaha, NE.  Doug has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months and the bills are starting to pile up.  His daughter, Emma, has created a fundraising page for him on YouCaring in an attempt to raise $9,500 in the next 60 days to help defray medical expenses.  Doug and his wife, Laura, have donated countless hours to the Omaha theatre community over the past 30 years.  Please click on the link below and help give Doug a lift.  Any little bit helps.  Thank you for your charity.

Give Doug a Lift!